Case Study

Case Study: Floorscapes Inc.

We have been working closely with a local flooring company, Floorscapes, for over a decade. Over that time we have developed a trust and a deep understanding of their business needs, challenges and opportunities. We’ve been leveraging all of our collective experience to further their endeavours.

We have helped them with all areas of technology including their web presence, internal systems and the face they present to the world. We’ve integrated social media, mobile technologies and the power of the web to enable Floorscapes.

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Website & Mobile

We have re-imagined Floorscapes website to address current opportunities and future directions. They have long understood the need for all of their content to be current and fresh for both their clients and optimum Search Engine rankings.

Through their website we have implemented multiple promotional strategies, such as Google AdWords and in-store campaigns, which have driven traffic to their store.

In the last couple of years we have leveraged the power of mobile technology to make all of their information available to all their users, wherever they are.

Marketing Materials & Social Media

We've employed an integrated, cross-promotional strategy with all of Floorscapes' Social Media and marketing materials.

  • Blogger – ability for Floorscapes to speak to the world on their extensive design knowledge.
  • Twitter – to engage a younger generation of customers.
  • Facebook – a location where the company can show a softer side of themselves. Great for future hires.
  • Take-Away Marketing Materials – through the use of tactile items we have helped Floorscapes reach out to future customers.

Customer Management System

We have built a complete system for Floorscapes to manage all of their customer relationships via a secure web-based portal. They have anytime / anywhere access to everything they need to run their company.

We were able to bring new technologies and ideas to the table to create an updated version of their system which increases their productivity.

This provides better control of processes and better reporting on key business metrics.

Imagine What We Can Do For You!

By developing a strategic partnership with Floorscapes we have provided a competitive advantage for them.

Floorscapes has kept pace with technology and used it to their greatest benefit.

We are excited about our future with Floorscapes and look forward to starting a conversation with you to see what we can do for your business!

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