Our Annual Summer Holidays Edition!

Our Annual Summer Holidays Edition! It might not be the best summer in Calgary weather wise, but we still need to make the most of it!

There has been a lot of rain, and of course the flooding but we are rebuilding. Please try to remember that many people still need help - contribute where you can.

But, we also need to remember to take some time for ourselves. We need to relax and wind down a bit we live and work in a very fast-paced world. Enjoy yourself this summer!

We have chosen to keep this issue lighthearted and have compiled a list of fun and interesting websites we have seen over the past few months.

If you need a break from your day:

Minimal Movie Posters

A new trend has been the stripping down of visual clutter and creating simplistic images. Here's a great collection of re-worked movie posters.

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A great Tumblr where the goal is to explain one thing a day in sketch format. The sketches are interesting, very informative, and quite often funny.

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Distance to Mars

A very cool interface that gives you an idea of the distance from Earth to Mars. It is an impressive creation and quite a fun site to use!

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Clipping Magic

Ever needed to isolate a single object in your photo? Cutting it out is quite a task, even with Photoshop, but this site makes it easy!

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Lego Vines

A really good compilation of short, stop motion movies using colourful Lego blocks! It is quite the accomplishment and a lot of fun to view!

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Bond, Licence to Drive

Bond always drives the coolest cars, period. This fun and interactive site lets you peruse his collection - which one is your favourite?

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Top 7 Summer Movies

1. Vacation
Wally World in the Family Truckster

2. Dazed and Confused
Best first night of summer ever!

3. Stand by Me
Never walked on train tracks again

4. Jaws
Going to need a bigger boat

5. Meatballs
We are the CIT's so pity us!

6. The Great Outdoors
The old 96'r looked good

7. Tommy
Always a great movie - any time

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