illuminArt Launches New iPhone App!

illuminArt Launches New iPhone App! FlipTile Challenge - Are You Up For It?

We are pleased to announce our latest iPhone app is now available in the Apple App Store!

FlipTile Challenge is a free app that is an interesting mind game set to challenge your memory! Created in-house at illuminArt, FlipTile is a fun side project we developed for the iPhone.

Download on the App Store

If you are thinking about an iPhone App for your company or next great start-up idea contact us – we can help bring your thoughts to life!

Special offer! In celebration of our new App we are offering 10% off iPhone development for the month of February 2013!

illumiBYTES Turns 5!

illumiBYTES turns 5!

We have been publishing our monthly newsletter for the past four years with this January marking our fifth year of consecutive issues!

We hope you have found our monthly articles to be informative, engaging and sometimes funny! We certainly enjoy creating them and appreciate your comments and feedback!

illumiBYTES archive of articles:

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Here’s to the future!

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