Stand Out - Make the Difference!

We live in a time where no-one has any...

Stand Out - Make the Difference!With everything moving so fast and people's attention span so short how can you stand out?

That is a tough question. But there are solutions you can employ to make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd. Here are a couple of ideas that we feel can help you stand out:

Think Differently than the Rest

Think Differently than the Rest

Just because everyone else is doing it one way doesn’t mean you should. Think of ways to be a little different from the rest this will help you to stand out. Maybe it is as little as a change to your business cards? We added a transparent slip cover to the top of ours and have found people can’t stop playing with them and often comment on how different they are.

The Personal Touch

The Personal Touch

Long gone are the days when you rolled up to a gas station and five attendants ran out to service your car! Everything is digital and impersonal. So make it personal! Return an email with a phone call, send a thank you card, drop by your clients just to say hi – maybe some treats will go a long way. Show them you are willing to take the time to make a personal connection! Want to discuss it over lunch? Give us a call!

Have Fun

Have Fun

When you’re having a good time it shows and it can become infectious! Others will pick up on your fun attitude and in a busy world it can be appreciated. Make sure you are allowing yourself time to show the fun side of your company.

Some interesting examples of these strategies:

Best Bus Stop Ever

The telecommunications company Qualcomm created the "best bus stop ever" as part of their interactive marketing campaign. A bus stop posters directed users to site if they were in a hurry or bored etc. Once they accessed the site the "live" fun began!

40 Seriously Funny Print Ads

The Webdesigner Depot has curated 40 humorous print ads that are sure to make you chuckle. Remember – everyone needs a laugh every so often... what can you be doing to provide that and make yourself memorable?

Top 7 Random Things

1. Sushi
So easy to cook!

2. Manchester United
Best Football club ever

3. The Rutles
Their music almost changed the world

4. The Big Dipper
Every kid's 1st constellation

5. Catchphrases
Legend... wait for it... Dary

6. This Thing on my Desk
Not sure what it is but it looks cool

7. Alta Vista
Yes it is still a search engine

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