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Google AdWords? Facebook Ads? Both?

Confused, worried about online advertising? Google AdWords? Facebook Ads? Both?

Most people are but you don’t have to be as the principles are really very simple:

  • You need to start with a direction, set a goal for the campaign
  • Then a title for your ad
  • A short description
  • A list of keywords that match your goal
  • A receiving webpage on your website to engage users when they arrive
  • Decide on the area of your geographic region

Basically those items are the main elements needed for an online ad. The next question is which one to use. The two main online services are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Google AdWords has been running since 2000 and it is estimated their campaigns reach approximately 80% of global internet users.

How does it work?

With Google you create your ad (with the items we mentioned above) and set the daily maximum you want to spend. Once the ad is running most people opt to be charged each time the ad is clicked on. This process is called cost-per-click (CPC) – you don’t pay for your ad being displayed (impressions). Google will only charge you when the ad has been clicked on and only up until your daily max has been reached.

You have great control over the costs and Google provides you with an impressive dashboard to manage and review stats. Google AdWords? Facebook Ads? Both?

Facebook ads were launched in 2007 and the Facebook network is estimated to be used by 1 in 10 people in the world.

How does it work?

Similar to Google AdWords you setup your ad with your main information but Facebook allows you to enter in other parameters such as gender, age, education, relationship status as well as targeting people’s interests.

Facebook allows you to configure your ad to be paid on a daily maximum or a lifetime budget. Like Google you can opt to pay per impression or per click. You have control on your ad and the costs. Facebook also has a great dashboard setup to view the results of your ad.

So, where do we stand – Google or Facebook?

BOTH! Overall we feel online advertising really helps your internet presence. It provides another avenue for potential clients to locate you and can certainly be accomplished on even a modest budget.

Google offers you a tremendous access to people and its ad system has recently surpassed Facebook in ad revenue. It has proven to be helpful for your “organic” search engine rankings also. We have seen a number of our clients benefit from a Google AdWords campaign.

Facebook is also very strong and in some ways more targeted but you have to be aware of your crowd. People using Facebook are probably in more of a socializing mode than if they are using Google. For this reason your ads should be targeted towards employment opportunities or other personal items.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Online Advertising – we would love to help out!

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