Change - It's the One True Constant in Life.

No matter what happens, change will. Change - It's the One True Constant in Life

Life is moving faster every day, for this reason we must learn to be flexible and allow ourselves to adapt to the changes around us. This applies to not only business but to our personal lives as well.

I recently attended a weekend retreat based on the concept of this entitled “Agents of Change”. I found it was very helpful to realise there are not only changes we experience but changes we, in turn, can make and/or influence.

Dealing with change can be difficult; we all like routines and certainly get set in our ways and habits. We must be open to look at new strategies to accomplish our tasks.

What we did yesterday may not be the way we will do it tomorrow.

Don’t get hung up on the fact that change is happening, we have no control over that. Instead, focus on how you can adjust to deal with the changes in the best manner.

Be faithful with the little things and the larger ones will follow.

Here are some tips to help deal with change:

  • Be Aware: an important step is to take notice that there is change. That seems silly but we often are bothered by changes and we don’t take the time to notice it.

  • Adjust Your Attitude: be positive and try to see change as an opportunity not a problem. Complaining is not constructive.

  • Try to Relax: if you are stressed you will block all chances of thought: positive, creative, analytical etc.

  • Set Goals: track your progress - allow yourself to experience some form of success as you reach a new level.

  • Talk to Others: it is important to communicate with your group, they are there to help!

  • Be Flexible: try to adapt your thoughts and processes to work better in your changing environment instead of fighting it.

Change can be a very positive part of life - the trick is to understand it, work with it and to not fight it.

Top 7 Forces

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