3,2,1... the countdown has begun.

Christmas and the end of 2012 is only a month away... 3,2,1... the countdown has begun.

How did this happen so quickly? It seems like such a short while ago we were watching the soft blossoms start to bloom and the sun's golden rays grow warm and strong.

Well, the russet leaves have all fallen and the warm air has become cold and crisp. Summer holidays have become a fond memory and we are now entering the time of the year I like to call "the stretch". A period where most of us feel a bit spent, low on energy and are in need of some rest. Worry not, for a reprieve is coming!

Our goal, to get us through this short time, is to be focused.

Organize yourself to deal with what needs to be done and whenever possible complete your tasks. Be prepared to reschedule items that cannot be completed - don't be afraid to do this but make sure you are proactive in notifying all who are involved.

Make sure you allow yourself time to appreciate this fast-approaching, festive season for the true message of Christmas is food for the soul. Enjoy the lights, the warmth and good cheer of the season for it will be upon us shortly.

Ultimately, make sure you have time to rest, spend time with loved ones, help others and replenish your reserves!

Movember Again!

Movember Again!

A number of us at the office support the Movember initiative helping to raise awareness for men's health issues, specifically Prostate cancer. We sport awesome mustaches and try to raise funds for this great cause.

Take a look at our team page and/or feel free to download our amazing Movember background image for your monitor, tablet or smartphone!

See below for details.

Top 7 Stashes

1. Charlie Chaplin
A silent winner!

2. Burt Reynolds
80's style icon

3. Tom Selleck
Magnum sized!

4. Alex Trebec
Daily Doubled

5. Lanny MacDonald
Stash lead the league penalties

6. Ned Flanders
Okeey-Dookie neighborino

7. Mario and Luigi
Super Bro stashes!

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