Websites – Not Just for Monitors Anymore... Welcome to the Mobile World!

Websites – Not Just for
Monitors Anymore...
Welcome to the Mobile World!

The times have changed, have you?
Has your website?

In previous years the majority of visits to your website were through a traditional monitor or notebook but now a large number of them are from smartphones and “pad” devices. For this reason a number of new things need to be considered.

First, let’s look at smartphones:

Your standard site becomes tough to view on a smartphone. How many times have you gone to a website and had to zoom in and out to locate what you are looking for? Your potential clients are probably having the same frustrating experience on your site also. There are solutions that can be implemented to aid in a far better optimized experience – feel free to contact us for more info.

Next is content – if someone is viewing your site on a smartphone they probably don’t need to see everything your site has to offer. A slimmed down version for the smartphone is, well, smart! Display the most important items with the ability to view the whole standard site if necessary. We can help you with this optimization of your site and its content.

Ok, now “pad” devices:

The resolution on these handy machines is quite large and generally a standard website displays quite well. There are some other items to consider though. Is your site utilizing “Mouse Over” or “Hover” effects? These are when the mouse curser moves over an element on the page triggering an action. This is a problem with pads as there is no hover as there is no cursor – it’s your finger! These elements should be avoided.

One final item to consider for both smartphones and pads is if your site is using Flash technology. Flash movies were very helpful in the past but now many devices don’t display the movie hindering your audience’s experience.

Feel free to contact us if your site is using old Flash technology – we have solutions!

Top 7 Outdoor Games

1. Baseball
     That just goes without saying

2. Golf
     Such a great & frustrating game

3. Capture the Flag
     To the victor go the spoils

4. Chess in the Park
     For the intellectuals in the crowd

5. Ultimate Frisbee
     “Ultimate” for those in the know

6. Kick the Can
     Blast from the past

7. Soccer
     Football to the faithful

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