The Honest Path can be the Tough Path but Always the Right Path...

The Honest Path can be the Tough Path but Always the Right Path...

We’ve been providing our clients with creative solutions for over 17 years – a long time in the internet world. We have always tried to create “strategic partnerships” with our clients... relationships rather than a “one-shot” project.

We have learned over the years that you are
only as good as your word is true.

It is actually a small community we all operate in – and what you say and do will always come back to you, so make sure it is from a place of truth and honesty.

Recently a long time client of ours asked us a tough question when we were about a quarter the way through a big project:

“I have seen an off the shelf solution and would like to know if you can help evaluate it with me?”

So – we were being asked to look at and comment on a system that could replace the one we were building. And you know what? That’s fine with us. It actually makes us feel good – it means our client trusts us, and that is what we are striving for.

Well, we reviewed the replacement system. It would have more functionality than ours – we told him this and all the other benefits as well as any shortcomings the system had. We did our job and were asked to hold off on any further development until a decision was made.

Well that was that, a very early end to a good project we thought. But 3 days later we met and were told the project was back on and full steam ahead! In the end the client liked our answers, creativity and honesty. He felt his company had a greater opportunity for further success with us and the system we were developing.

We have a number of these types of stories where we have been honest and the best solution turned out to be a different path but in the end our clients came out ahead. Isn’t that the goal after all?

Top 7 Signs of Spring

1. No More Snow
     Not that we really ever got any!

2. Brown Grass
     Hopefully soon to be green

3. Our Background Image!
     See below to download!

4. Lots of Motorcycles
     Some of us ride all year!

5. An old Sofa
     Think about it...

6. Double Digit Temperatures
     mmmmmmmmm that warm air!

7. Geese & Friends Return
     South to the north!

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