Inspiration and the Art of Taking Chances

Inspiration and
the Art of Taking Chances


Fourteen years ago I stumbled across a new television series called Sports Night. It was an interesting sit-com created and written by Aaron Sorkin. I found myself completely drawn in. I was impressed with the characters, with their articulate, witty banter and their sharp minds. It was inspiring.

I started to notice other, earlier, works of his: The American President, Malice, and A Few Good Men (You can't handle the truth!) and realized how much I had also enjoyed them.

Sadly, Sports Night lasted only two seasons but it was followed by his next creation – The West Wing, which was also amazing. Another TV series followed and a number of famous movies - most recently The Social Network and Moneyball.

So, that is the Aaron Sorkin 101 primer course... and why you ask?

Well, Sorkin has launched a new TV show called The Newsroom and I came home late from a very long day at the office and decided to watch the first episode. I was impressed all over again and found myself reminiscing about his first series, Sports Night. I pulled out my DVD copy and set out to watch the first show but... five episodes later, at two in the morning, I realized I had to press stop and get to bed!

I was energized! Alive… Inspired. The characters from the show are who I see myself being at my best moments, who I strive to be. I came to work with 32 different ideas spinning in my head - inspiration feeds upon itself and creates more ideas. Get inspired!

The Art of Taking Chances

Yes, taking chances does expose yourself to risk but all good things come with some element of risk.

Once you are inspired you find yourself recharged and ready to tackle anything. When you are in that frame of mind you are willing to take chances.

Yes, taking chances does expose yourself to risk but all good things come with some element of risk. Take the risk.

Recently someone close to me stepped away from a fairly well paying job, to take an internship at a company in a field they were very interested in. They took a pay decrease and signed a six month contract with hopes of a position. They were inspired by what the job offered - they worked hard and within two months had impressed everyone so much, they were offered a full time position with a large increase in pay.

They were inspired. They took a chance. They succeeded.

What inspires you?

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Top 7 Ways to Get Inspired

1. Pump up the Volume
     Get the tunes playing!

2. Change the View
     Visit something new & exciting!

3. Change it Up
     Try something new... anything!

4. Cinematic Boost
     Watch an old movie you love

5. Reach Out
     Ask a friend for some advice

6. Exercise?
     Yes - a work out helps!

7. More Distractions?
     Yes – increase the sensory input!

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