Why Your Website Needs a Mobile Version!

Why Your Website Needs a Mobile Version!

The Internet World is Changing.

More and more people are viewing the web via smartphones than ever before. Your full, easy–to-view website looks fine on a monitor but can become very frustrating to use on a smartphone.

Here are some of the main reasons you need a simple mobile site:

Size of the Mobile Market

  • More than half of U.S. consumers own a smartphone
  • According to a CBC article from June of 2011, one in five Canadians owns a smartphone
  • Recently J.D. Power and Associates reported smartphone usage in Canada had increased to 54%, up from 36% in 2011 - More than half of all Canadian wireless customers are using smartphones now

User Experience

  • Real estate is very limited on a smartphone so your full website is way too much to view
  • Mobile users are looking for a simplified browsing experience
  • The site must be quick loading
  • Viewers generally need only the most important elements of your site so a mobile version is a more streamlined approach - a link to the full site is always helpful

So... Now What?

We have strategies to help create an elegant solution to this problem. Our approach is to create a very simple, “user friendly” mobile site that addresses the issues above. This solution has to be cost effective and we have the skills and track record to provide this for you.

Contact us to start a discussion on how best to present your company to all your many mobile users!

Ci2 Launches New Website!

Ci2 Launches New Website!

New Site: www.ci2group.com

Ci2 is our parent company and comprises of the following 3 business:

illuminArt inc.
Creative Design, Mobile App, Website & Custom Software Development

IN Focus Ltd.
Managed IT Services, Cloud Solutions & Hosting

Clearpath Consulting
Technology & Business Consulting

With the combination of these three amazing services there isn’t a project we haven’t taken on! If you are looking to start a new venture or upgrade your existing website, brand, internal system etc. contact us today!

We have the solutions to help you achieve & surpass your business goals!

Take a look at our latest blog article: New Normal in People Potential

Top 7 Cowboys

1. Billy the Kid
     William H. Bonney to his friends

2. Doc Holliday
     I'm your huckleberry...

3. Quick Draw McGraw
     AKA: El Kabong!

4. Buckshot
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5. Lone Ranger
     Who was that masked man?

6. Deputy Dog
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7. Randolph Scott
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