Merry Christmas!

Click here to view the 2012 Ci2 Digital Christmas Card! The Ci2 Digital Christmas Card for 2012!

Each year our company creates and launches a fun digital Christmas Card dating all the way back to 1997!

Many of our clients start asking us in the fall what the theme will be - it is great to see their enthusiasm! This year we have tried to get back to our roots and create a simple but fun card.

So it is with our pleasure we say thank you for your support and we look forward to a most excellent New Year!

Click here to view the 2012 Ci2 Digital Christmas Card!

Christmas Trivia!

Christmas Triva!

We have curated some fun Christmas Trivia for you and we hope you enjoy this grouping of interesting facts!

  • The first Christmas Carols were introduced by St. Francis of Assisi – the patron Saint of animals and the environment.
  • Boxing Day is derived from collecting donations in alms-boxes in churches. The proceeds were given to the poor and needy.
  • A short amnesty was called on Christmas Eve 1914 during World War I and both allied and German soldiers came out of their trenches to meet. They exchanged presents, sang carols and even had a game of football (soccer).
  • The carol "Jingle Bells" was originally published as "One Horse Open Sleigh" and was actually written for Thanksgiving!
  • If your true love actually gave you all the gifts listed in the "The Twelve Days of Christmas" you would have 364 presents!
  • In 1841 Prince Albert set up the first Christmas tree in Windsor Castle following a German tradition thus making them popular in the United Kingdom.
  • Amazingly, 1 in 3 men will hold out till Christmas Eve to complete their shopping!
  • Over 1.7 billion candy canes are made for the Christmas holidays!
  • On average most people spend 2.5 hours wrapping presents.
  • Statistics indicate many people are shopping far more online than ever before.
  • It is said that the beautiful Christmas carol "Silent Night" was created when the church organ had broke down.
  • The pop drink company Coca Cola was the first beverage company to use the image of Santa in their advertising.
  • Real Christmas trees in your home can help remove dust and pollen from the air!
  • Good King Wenceslaus was the Duke of Bohemia!

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!

Top 7 Santa’s Worldwide

1. St. Nicholas
The original

2. Santa Claus
Classic we all know and love

3. Father Christmas
English template for most Santas

4. Père Noël
Travels with his own whipping boy

5. Grandfather Frost
Gets a little cold in Russia

6. Sinterklaas
The Dutch are never naughty

7. La Befana
The kind old witch in Italy

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