Going for the Gold = Patience

Going for the Gold = Patience

Do you have what it takes?

So like most of you I have been taking in the excitement of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Iíve been enjoying the spectacle of the opening ceremonies, the energy of the whole event and certainly the exhilaration of the victories.

One moment has stood out for me though - Roseline Filion and Meaghan Benfeitoís Bronze Medal performance in the Women's Synchronized 10m Platform Diving. I havenít really watched the sport before but soon found myself (and other family members) cheering on the amazing acrobatic, synchronized dives! We were drawn into their achievement and even more so into their story.

The two amazing athletes came together over 7 years ago, the longest running dive team in Canada, and have become more than diving partners but steadfast friends. They look out for each other, help each other and train together Ė synchronized in more than just diving!

In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing they came in seventh. Since then they have trained hard and a set a goal for these Olympics Ė in the end, they succeeded.

So, how does that fit into our Newsletter?

Well Ė I think their drive and ambition is truly an inspiration.

Seven years together and four years since they last had the chance to go for a Medal Ė that shows patience. We see their victory flash across the screen in a couple of minutes but we donít see the years of hard work.

In business, we all need to understand, anything that is going to be great takes time, planning and preparation to achieve success. You need to be patient, set the goal and go for it!

I also feel the synchronized bond they share can be seen in many businesses. I have fellow employees that I trust implicitly and know our goals and work processes are in sync. I am sure you experience this also in your companies and this should never be taken lightly! Have you told your co-workers how much you appreciate their support lately?

Letís enjoy these great games. Letís cheer on our athletes. And letís be inspired by the people who set goals, work hard to achieve them and never falter in their pursuit of excellence!

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