Slow Down... Ask Before You Publish...

Slow Down...
Ask Before You Publish...

The world moves fast... No one is stopping or slowing down – when that happens, many items are lost... ignored.

Our “highly-connected” society has many benefits. The magic box (smart phone) we all carry can feed us information instantly on many topics. We are kept up to speed on anything and virtually everything.

This fast pace sets our expectations up for everything to be that way. This, coupled with the “ease of access”, makes most people believe the information is theirs to do with as they please. The reality is, you can't.

You cannot grab a photo from your Google Images search and use it in a professional setting such as a brochure, presentation, newsletter etc. You need permission from the source of the image.

This is a very important item that we do not take lightly. A number of times we have used photos or images (logos, drawings, etc.) from other sources in our newsletters and we have ALWAYS asked for permission. And surprisingly it has always been granted! You just really have to ask!

A client once used an internationally known song by a fairly known musical band in a presentation. We told them they couldn’t do that – they said they could. The client had emailed the band and asked permission to use it – the band appreciated the concern and said yes – no strings attached!

So, make sure you are using this amazing information resource properly.
Slow down and ask before you publish!

Paper - Amazing New App!

The creative team at FiftyThree Inc. has released a very interesting and fun drawing app for the iPad.
Image used with permission by FiftyThree Inc.

The creative team at FiftyThree Inc. has released a very interesting and fun drawing app for the iPad. Paper is their new product that allows you to draw, write, sketch and create countless drawings!.

It is great for personal use or for business – extremely versatile and the results are phenomenal! Our Background image for the month (see below) was created initially with Paper on an iPad then reworked in Photoshop. We are very pleased with the results!

More information on 53's Paper App

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