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It's Autumn, don't Fall...
    Danger! Danger!
Burnout is Imminent!

Place a frog in a pot of cool water, slowly heat it to a boil... the frog won't try to escape - even before it's too late.

We have all heard this premise before & even though it is mainly false, the message is very strong! It is so easy to allow simple troubling elements build and build until it is too late!

We are all very busy and in the fast paced life we live in it is so easy to get swept up and carried away - make sure you pay attention to how busy you are and your stress levels.

Burnout isn't a failure. It is just a state that happens, far too easily, from incremental build-up. Avoid it if you can as you are no help to you or others if it occurs! If you are feeling burnout coming make sure to recognize it and deal with it!

Great article on burnout & what to do to avoid and/or deal with it.

Top 7 Burnout Indicators

1. Early to Work... on Sunday?
     Take a day off!

2. Project Complete - Again!
     Forgot you finished it already!

3. You Answer Shoe not Phone
     Missed it by this much!

4. Fear of Straws
     Like the 1 on the camel?

5. Eating TUMS Like Candies
     Grab a mint!

6. Tufts of Hair in your Hands
     Self inflicted pre-mature balding!

7. Pyjamas @ the Office
     Did you forget to dress again?

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