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    What's New in the
World of Photography?

Just like all things in technology, photography and photo-related areas are advancing very quickly!

Here are a couple of really
interesting developments we have
been following - we hope you enjoy them!

The first consumer level Light Field Camera - this amazing camera takes a photo with everything in focus allowing you manipulate the focal point in its software. This produces images with different areas in & out of focus.
Very cool - take a look!
Add 3D Items to 2D Photos
Kevin Karsch & his team at the University of Illinois have been working on an amazing system that enables you to add 3D objects into a 2D photo. The system does an incredible job rendering the light & shadows making the object seamlessly fit into the existing photo .
See what they are working on - make sure to watch the video!

Top 7 Photography Tips!

1. Don't be all Thumbs
     Keep the digits out of the digital!

2. Reduce the Flash
     Try to keep the natural lighting...

3. Change the Angle
     Try shooting from low and/or high

4. Depth of Field
     Close-up with out of focus background

5. Post Production
     Adjust levels, saturation & sharpen

6. Rotate
     Turn camera instead of straight on

7. Out of Framing
     Crop some of the object in the lens

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