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It's all about Perspective...
    In life, it's all in the
way you look at it...

Perspective is a very important element, especially when you are presenting something.

Whether it is a website, logo or even a PowerPoint presentation you must think about the target market - what are they expecting?

We have touched on this a little bit in past illumiBYTES but it is certainly worth looking at again!

Remember, the item you are presenting should not be based on what you like or prefer but rather what will be best accepted by your viewing audience.

Tailor your presented element to appeal to the viewing group - make sure it meets the requirements from their perspective.

We hope this helps you look at your presentations a little differently - please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Top 7 Angles

1. Right...
     Let's get orthogonal!

2. Obtuse...
     Just a really fun word to say!

3. Camera...
     High or low - switch it up!

4. Charlie's...
     Oops - wrong spelling!

5. Tri...
     A three-sided polygon.

6. Acute...
     She was rather pretty!

7. Playing the...
     Take your shot - see how it goes!

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