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Less is More... More Work Too...
    I want it simple, clean, easy-to-use... "I want it simple, clean, easy-to-use..."

We hear this quite often; it is a common goal for people. We all appreciate when a system is designed well, works well, looks good - but most people don't realize it takes more time to achieve this.

We see the issue as a distribution of hours. The task will get accomplished but the hours can be spent in two ways:

Hours in Design - time spent at the beginning during the design, to make sure the project works well, will provide the user with a clean and easy experience.

Hours in Use - if the project has not been designed well the burden will fall on the users. They will be required to spend the hours trying to use the system - most users become frustrated and will move on.

illuminArt's Design/Discovery process ensures a project to be simple, clean & easy-to-use. Contact us for more information!

Top 7 Frustrations

1. VCRs
     12:00... 12:00... 12:00

2. Anything Bluetooth
     Lose pairing again?

3. 5th Ave & 1st Street SW
     There is no outside turn lane!

4. Plastic Packaging
     A true test of patience!

5. Climate Control Systems
     Goldilocks would lose it!

6. Microwaves
     Thank goodness for the 1 min button!

7. Hotel Alarm Clocks
     Didn't really need to catch my flight!

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