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The Old and the New!
    instagram We Live in a Retro World

What was old has become new again! There has been a huge resurgence in "tactile" nostalgia over the last few years. Many people long for items that go beyond a pixel on a computer screen.

We have seen an increase in phonograph records and turntables with many current bands releasing new records on vinyl! A number of photography buffs are embracing the older Polaroid systems for a real, and immediate, experience.

Some companies are running with this trend to try to merge the old with the new. instagram is one of last year's #1 start-up companies introducing a free iPhone app where you can apply cool vintage effects to your photos and share them via a Social Network with others!

We need to recognize these trends and to realize people are looking for a personal experience in all aspects of life. Make sure your business is also remembering to foster a personal relationship with your clientele and not just a digital one!

Top 7 Vintage Memorabilia

1. Polaroid SX70 Cameras
     Nothing's cooler than an instant pic!

2. Phonographs/Vinyl Records
     Something very warm about the sound...

3. View-Masters
     Big Bird in 3D!!

4. Comic Books
     Batman's been around since 1939!

5. Star Wars Figures
     Who didn't have Yoda in their collection?

6. Cars
     Doesn't' everyone want a muscle car?

7. Scooters
     OK - I might be biased here...

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