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Drive-by Viruses... an Unsafe Internet Hi-way?
    Times have changed, you need to be more careful... Times have changed, you
need to be more careful...

We are seeing a higher level of sophistication in hacker abilities. Their advanced skills are certainly making it easier to receive a computer virus from the internet.

For a while now hackers have created websites with a mechanism that infects your computer as soon as you view the page. Their new scheme is to create domain names similar to well known websites and place their viral site at that location. You look for the known site in a search engine, inadvertently click on the dummy site and become infected.

Safeguards? Hover your mouse over the search engine link and see the URL to make sure it is for the correct site.

The internet has become an increasingly dangerous place for the general user - from viruses to malware, it isn't the same environment it was 15 years ago!

Be smart... be careful... be safe!

Top 7 Viruses

1. The Flu
     One we all tend to share!

2. 12 Monkeys
     Release the zoo!

3. Calgary's Dancing Gorilla
     Current viral video! view

4. Melissa
     Don't bring her to meet the parents!

5. Captain Trips
     Mr. King's standing creation!

6. Michelangelo
     Digital Renaissance birthday present!

7. West Nile Virus
     Long distance mosquitoes!

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