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Twitter... what's it all about anyway?
    To Tweet or Not to Tweet? To Tweet
or Not to Tweet?

Twitter is a social media service allowing users to broadcast short 140 character messages in a texting fashion.

From a business standpoint - why tweet?

For Your Company - Excellent customer contact, see how it helped elect our mayor! A great way to send out your message that can also be directly fed to and automatically updated on your website.

For You Personally - It is a great way to follow contemporaries and keep up with trends & developments in your industry.

Twitter Codes & Definitions
@ - placed in front of users' names when you reference or talk to them
# - used to denote a topic e.g. #calgarystampede
OH - "Over Heard". Placed in front of a quote from someone else
FF - "Follow Friday" Suggesting people to follow (done on Friday)

Top 7 Birds

1. Duck
     4x's threat: fly, walk, swim, dive!

2. Bald Eagle

3. Canada Goose
     Can Con view

4. Larry Bird
     From downtown - swoosh!!

5. Ostrich
     Basically a dinosaur!

6. Dodo
     Too cool to stick around!

7. Penguin
     Always suited up!

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