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New Paths... New Directions...
    2011 - A New Year, A new Start!

A New Year, A New Start!

Each new year brings the prospect of change and re-birth.

We are excited to present illuminArt's element of change... our new Newsletter!

The streamlined 2011 edition sports a new look and some new features! You will notice an interesting infoGRAPHIC at the bottom of the page. Each month we will introduce a new graphic full of fascinating information displayed in an intriguing manner. Stay tuned for more!

This initial direction will flow into our website renovation later this year. We hope you like it - please feel free to comment!

Christmas iPad Contest

We are happy to announce that the winner of our Christmas Card Contest was Sherrie Fowler of Foothills Alliance. Thanks to everyone who participated - we had an overwhelming response!

Top 7 Changes

1. Caterpillar / Butterfly
     Stunning metamorphosis!

2. Water into Wine
     Quite the talent!

3. Solar Eclipse
     Day to night & back again!

4. Thunderstorm / Rainbow
     Could it be a double?

5. Dough / Cookie
     Such a great treat!

6. Star / Black Hole
     Supernova baby!

7. Tree / Paper
     The mighty oak to the mighty word

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