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Interesting Ways to View Data - Get on Board!
    We have data, now what?

We have data, now what?

Google is amassing huge amounts of information - but information with no analysis is just storage. Cool systems to interpret all the info are needed:

Google Trends: An interesting application, developed in the Google Labs, where a display presents the history of a search term over time. Type in "Jeopardy" to see historical high peaks of searching!

Google Ngram: An amazing tool that displays the individual popularity
of two words over a timeline. It is based on the amount of times the words have been mentioned in the books Google has digitized - and they have digitized millions of them! Pit horse against car to see when one waxes and one wanes!

Cool Tip - try it out!

Need an answer to something but you don't have a computer or smart phone? Text your question to GOOGLE (466453) and Google will text the answer back to you!

Top 7 Robots

1. R2-D2 & C-3PO
     From a galaxy far, far away...

2. Maschinenmensch
     Early machine-human of Metropolis

3. Series 800 Model 101
     Terminator - He'll be back!

4. Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots
     Don't lose your head!

5. Johnny 5
     This short circuit is alive!

6. Data
     The robotic Spock!

7. WALL-E & Eve
     Futuristic Romeo & Juliet

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