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Did you get a break this year?
    Vacations: Stressful or Beneficial? Vacations:
Stressful or Beneficial?

It’s that time of year again… time to take a break and enjoy some relaxation! We all work hard and deserve the rest but does it create more stress or is the vacation beneficial?

A number of medical studies have indicated people who take holidays regularly can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease. Another benefit of taking a vacation is improving your mental health. A rested mind will allow all aspects of your health to improve as well as setting your mind clear for returning to work!

The big trick is to make your holiday stress-free. This is difficult but keep it simple, book in advance & communicate with your partner!

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Top 7 Vacation Destinations

1. South of the Tropic of Cancer!
     Looking for the sun and warmth!

2. Your Couch
     Comfy - don't answer the phone!

3. Anywhere with Palm Trees
     Just a sucker for them!

4. Empty Beach
     Sitting in the warm water!

5. Movie Theatre
     Air conditioning!

6. Golf Course
     Exercise & a bunch of beaches!

7. Not the Office!
     Seriously... take a break!

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