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Need Some Inspiration? A change of venue always helps!

Is your creativity lost or out wandering?
Here's some tips to help get your inspiration restarted!


Sometimes the creativity just isn’t there… It happens to everyone.

At some point in any career you will find yourself struggling to solve a problem, design a solution or to just be creative… BUT – the *spark* of a great thought just doesn’t arrive! You must be careful as now, the harder you try, the more elusive it will be!

Don’t panic!

One of the best methods for getting back on track is to change your surroundings and thus alter the way you are thinking.

Here are some great ideas to switch-it-up and re-boot the thinking process:
Get out of the office for 15 minutes and take a walk – the fresh air, change of scenery will help clear the mind.
If possible, get out of town for a day or two. Work retreats are a great way to connect with staff and to open the creative channels!
New Route
Take a different path to work – a new route may present new visionary interests and spark some new ideas!
Musical Chairs
Try sitting in a different area of the office for the day – this small change will get your mind thinking differently.
Go and grab a coffee and if possible work from the café for an hour or so. The change of atmosphere and daily schedule will help you re-calibrate!
Park It!
If your job allows you to be mobile – head to a park to work for an hour or so outside. This is an amazing way to re-charge the creative batteries!

Hopefully the next time you find yourself looking for inspiration these simple tips will come to mind and aid in your creative recovery!

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Buzzwords - fashionable terms frequently used in business to impress instead of explain!
ExtranetExtranet: is usually a website a company or organization can access anywhere in the world but must use a password to log-in. Basically an internal site that is available externally.

Going DarkGoing Dark: is a slang term for turning off your cell phone, pager, notebook, auditory implant etc. and not being accessible to the digital world.

MindshareMindshare: is the amount of public consciousness you have garnered. Basically if someone says automobiles who has the largest mindshare... Chevy, Toyota, Porsche etc.?

StaycationStaycation: is a holiday spent at home in your native location. This format has become more and more popular or required in the last few years.

Top 7 Explorers

1. Neil Armstrong
     The dude golfed on the moon!

2. Christopher Columbus
     Why is this big piece of land here?

3. Sir Francis Drake
     From pirate to knight!

4. Vasco de Gama
     Actually found the route to India!

5. Marco Polo
     Best swimming pool game ever!

6. Ferdinand Magellan
     Orphan who connected the oceans!

7. Chuck Yeager
     2X the speed of sound!

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