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Keyboard Shortcuts - Your ticket to productivity!

Speed up your daily tasks...
Punch those "shortcut" keys!


Some people are very adept at using the keyboard to "shortcut" many simple operations on the computer. Over the years we have found your productivity will increase if you use these simple shortcuts! If you aren't a shortcut key person give them a try!


  - Alt+Tab: Allows you to switch between open programs
  - Windows Logo+L:
Locks your computer
  - Alt+F4:
Fast way to exit a program

  - Alt+Print Screen: Takes picture of active window

Productivity (most programs)

  - Ctrl+C: Copy
  - Ctrl+X:
  - Ctrl+V:
  - Ctrl+Z:
Undo (used all the time!)
  - Ctrl+B:
  - Ctrl+U:
  - Ctrl+I:
  - Ctrl+S:
  - Ctrl+Arrow Right:
Jumps cursor 1 word to the right
  - Shift+Arrow Right:
Selects 1 letter at a time
  - Shift+Ctrl+Arrow Right:
Selects 1 word at a time

Web Browsers (most)

  - Ctrl+T: New tab
  - F6:
Highlights the address bar (you can type a new URL
  - F5:
Refreshes page Spacebar: Jumps down 1 screen
  - Shift + Spacebar:
Jumps up 1 screen


  - Cmd+Tab: Switch between open applications
  - Cmd+Q:
Quits application
  - Cmd+Option+D:
Shows/hides the dock
  - Cmd+Shift+3:
Takes a picture of the screen
  - Cmd+Spacebar:
Access Spotlight Search field
  - Cmd+E:
From the desktop this will eject DVD

Productivity (most programs)

  - Cmd+Z: undo button
  - Cmd+X:
  - Cmd+C:
  - Cmd+V:
  - Cmd+S:
  - Option+Arrow:
Jump 1 word in that direction
  - Cmd+Option+Arrow:
Jumps to start or end
  - Shift+Option+Arrow:
Selects the area you jumped over

Web Browsers (most)

  - Cmd+T: Creates a new tab
  - Cmd+R:
Refreshes page
  - Cmd+L:
Highlights address bar (you can type a new URL)
  - Spacebar:
Jumps down 1 screen tab



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