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SKYhook - Helping with your creativity. Being creative can be very difficult! Here's some "top drawer" info to help you out:

Being creative can be very difficult!
Here's some "top-drawer" info to help you out:


Getting started is always the hardest part. Don't place restrictions on yourself! We always begin our creative thinking with a "SKYhook Phase"

SKYhook [skahy-hook] -noun
an imaginary hook mounted in the sky to be used to hold anything up without an actual tether.

We are BIG fans of the SKYhook! If you employ this device into your initial creative thinking you can remove the need to figure out HOW everything works and just be creative! You will worry about how to make it function later and get all the good ideas down first!

Other methods to help your creative thinking/planning:

  • Bad Ideas Are Good - when confronted with a bad idea think of its opposite & you may find a good one!
  • Draw! - it doesn't matter if you are an artist, just draw it! The process gets ideas out of your head and into the world making them much more tangible.

  • Sounding Board - if you are in a group or working solo you still need to throw the ideas out to others... your ideas will generate ideas - guaranteed!

  • Shake it UP - get out of your normal space! Try having a creative session in a new location - it always helps!

  • Be BOLD - share everything!! All your ideas will spawn other ideas! If they are bad... see the 1st method!

Contact us today if you would like us to help you with any of your creative sessions - we have many other proven methods to be more creative!

project FOCUS

We were very excited to integrate Google Maps into the dynamic site to easily see where the services are located!Propane Gas Association of Canada (PGAC) enlisted illuminArt's help to build their new Propane Services Directory.

It's Canada’s most comprehensive on-line search tool for sourcing propane-related products & services.

We were very excited to integrate Google Maps into the dynamic site to easily see where the services are located!

The advantages of adding an interactive map directly to your site are many! Contact us to see how your site can benefit from a map.

Take a look at PGAC's Propane Services Directory here...

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Buzzwords - fashionable terms frequently used in business to impress instead of explain!
BrandstormingBrandstorming: a brainstorming session or sessions with the focus on a company's branding strategy.

Cross-PlatformCross-Platform: the ability for software or websites to work well on more than one platform. e.g. the website looks good in Internet Explorer as well as Firefox.

Static ContentStatic Content: web site content that rarely changes. Sites with static content will drop down in Search Engine rankings as they are looking for sites with new / changing information.

Top DrawerTop-Drawer: to be the best of all options available. When you need the finest item you look to the top drawer.

Top 7 Creative Concepts:

1. The Wheel
     Come on... it's the wheel!

2. The World Wide Web
     Thanks Mr. Berners-Lee!

3. Cutlery
     Better than eating with our hands!

4. Seat Belts
     Your call - I'm not fond of glass!

5. Gravity
     Works for me!

6. Weekends
     Should have been 3 days long!

7. Pet Rock
     Low maintenance - big profit!

Keep digging!!

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