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How you can use Newsletters to help your Marketing efforts & get your word out there!

How you can use newsletters to help your
marketing efforts & get your word out there!


Online newsletters are multipurpose tools for a company’s marketing kit! Obviously they are great vehicles to get your messages out to your target audience but other hidden advantages are also available:

  • Being online they live past their launch and can garner new clients with their important content.
  • Search Engines will recognize the fresh content added to your site and you will see your rankings increase.
  • You can use them as informative “talking points” in conversations with your clients.
  • Over time a history is created with many articles – this shows strong knowledge in your field and can also be repurposed into other elements such as an information book!
  • Digital newsletters don't require printing or standard mail costs/hassles & new contacts are easy to add!
  • It is yet one more way to stay in contact with your clients.

Contact us today if you would like us to help start a newsletter marketing strategy for you!

We would like to thank everyone who has commented on our ongoing Newsletter campaign! We appreciate your support!We would like to thank everyone who has commented on our ongoing newsletter campaign! We appreciate your support!

Feel free to send us questions or comments we would love to hear from you!

top 10 OF 2009

Check out Top 10 items from Green Ideas to T-shirt-Worthy Slogans! A lot of info in there - interesting & fun!TIME has released its annual list: Top 10 Everything 2009.

Check out Top 10 items from Green Ideas to T-shirt-Worthy Slogans! A lot of info in there - interesting & fun!

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IE6: 10.20%
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Win7: 11.30%
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As of January 2010 - Reference:

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Buzzwords - fashionable terms frequently used in business to impress instead of explain!
Boil the OceanBoil the Ocean: is the term given when one attempts to complete a task that is completely unreachable, with no possibility of success.

MashupMashup: an internet site that utilizes information from another site and displays it within its own pages - integrating Google maps into your own site is a good example.

Opt-inOpt-in: is the process of agreeing to set terms presented by a company. Most often used in reference to a receiving promotional e-mails.

VaporwareVaporware: a programming term used to describe software that hasn't been completed or possibly even started! It is usually more ideas and theory than a tangible item.

Top 7
Rejected Olympic Events:

1. Synchronized Shovelling
     No salting allowed...

2. Snowshoe Marathon
     Barefoot Kenyans got frostbite!

3. Ice Fishing Hole Diving
     So precise to avoid disaster!

4. Poutine Eating Contest
     France & Canada showdown 4 Gold!

5. Hay Bale Tossing
     Farm kids who couldn’t afford hockey

6. Credit Card Window Scrape
     You thought the curlers were old!

7. Cardboard Box Sledding
     Even the Jamaicans have a chance!

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