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Everything is moving faster. Decision time: sink or swim?

Technology is advancing exponentially each year.
It affects all areas of our lives – are you keeping up?


When it comes to change you can do three things: help make it happen, watch it happen or say “What happened?”.

It is our firm belief that as technology alters elements all around you, you need to dive in, if not you will sink.

In recent times there have been a number of new advancements that have created a huge impact. We refer to these as “Game Changers”. The following is a shortlist of some Game Changers we feel have made a significant impact.
The advancement in smart-phones over the last few years has been incredible! Whether it’s an iPhone or BlackBerry their handheld computing power is astronomical!
iPhone Apps
The ability to open the development of phone applications to everyone has created a gold rush of choices – want to find movies close to you? There’s an app for that. Want to know how fast you are driving? There’s an app for that too. So many apps!
Social Media
We have never been so connected in so many ways! You can share your life, experiences, knowledge and more with such a broad audience. You can receive information and news from real people and real sources as well as being part of the whole experience. [
more info ]
This area has really grown and developed – you can easily select a movie to rent ($4 from iTunes) and start watching it as it downloads to your system. If your computer is hooked up to your TV you can watch it on the big screen. Movies on demand and portable!
This item is a true Game Changer. It hasn’t fully found its place yet as it is a different device, more akin to an enhanced magazine than a computer. It is a dynamic peripheral device for viewing information in a friendly format – big future ahead!
What can you say? For $300 you can have a tiny notebook, that works like your home computer, that travels with you anywhere, easily… wow!
eBook Readers
A revolution for the book and library industry. I still enjoy reading a real, paper book but these readers are a great addition for travel and portability. The Canadian Kobo even allows you to check out books on-line from the public library!

All these fast-paced advancements are extremely personally empowering. You can now book your flight, choose your seat, print your ticket, check in, book your hotel, select your room view, book a cab, reserve dinner and set your wake-up-call from home all before you even leave for your holiday!

But there is a downside… you need to be involved. If not you will get dragged along, behind the technology cart. Don’t be intimidated. Look into new developments and ideas –
ask questions.

Get on board and enjoy the ride!



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Buzzwords - fashionable terms frequently used in business to impress instead of explain!
Ad ClickAd Click: refers to the number of clicks on an internet ad. Many systems charge advertisers based on the number of ad clicks they receive.

BloatwareBloatware: this is a term for software that has way too many features and options. Bloatware can be slow to use and even alter the performance of your computer.

FirewallFirewall: is a secure computer system that is implemented between your computer or network and the internet. It becomes a safeguard against unwanted visitors to your systems.

WikiWiki: a common term used to refer to online resources containing information similar to encyclopedias. Usually ran on a trust basis where users keep track of the content.

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1. Chocolate
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2. Banana
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3. Orange
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5. Strawberry
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6. Root Beer
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7. Vanilla
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