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Continuity! Make sure your message is cohesive...

What are you projecting to your clients?
Make sure you have all your ducks in a row!


You need to make sure all of your outbound messages share the same style with respect to graphics and verbal tone. A company who can master the art of continuity will have the best chance of presenting a professional brand.

This spans over many areas: business cards, websites, email signatures, proposals, PowerPoint presentations, invoices... the list goes on!

YOU HAVE QUESTIONS - WE CAN HELP!I have been thrilled with the creative output provided by illuminArt... - J. Fox Clearly Canadian

illuminArt can skilfully review all your collateral marketing materials and provide you with some suggestions to help unify your message and corporate appearance.

We also offer a branding service where we provide you with copies of your existing logo, in multiple formats accompanied with a detailed Brand Guide. The guide will let you know which format to use in specific circumstances to achieve the best results.

Contact us today if you would like us to help you with any of your Corporate Continuity endeavours!

twitter 101

twitter 101 - a special business guide!We first discussed twitter in our June 2009 Newsletter: Social Networks - What are they all about?

We are returning to the topic again this month! Twitter has launched an informative new site for business: twitter 101!

This new site has a great deal of easy-to-understand info about twitter with respect to a business account:

 - What is Twitter
 - Getting Started
 - Learn the Lingo
 - Best Practices
 - Case Studies
 - Other Resources

You can check out illuminArt's twitter feed on our website or on the twitter site!


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Buzzwords - fashionable terms frequently used in business to impress instead of explain!
Data MigrationData Migration: the process of transferring data from one place to another without losing information. Quite common when migrating data from one database to another.

Herding CatsHerding Cats: an undertaking that is next to impossible to complete due to many frenzied elements!

TweetingTweeting: the actual act of sending out a twitter message - tweeting can be sent directly by cell phone text messaging or via an app or the twitter site.

WhoisWhois: not the sound of an owl on Jeopardy but a special look-up ability to access the information behind a domain name.

Top 7 Birds of a Feather:

1. Duck
     Talented: fly, walk, swim, dive...

2. Eagle
     King of the skies!

3. Chickadee
     Bird that named itself :)

4. Ostrich
     Now THAT’s a drumstick!

5. Big Bird
     He taught us 2 count...

6. Penguin
     Can't fly but dressed to kill!

7. DoDo
     It’s dumb to be extinct

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