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Spring is now here, and Summer is just around the corner
– why not give your web site a fresh look for the season?


Web sites can easily become stagnant and seem old, or outdated. Our modern world moves and evolves quickly, and web sites sometimes struggle to seem relevant and current. Over time your corporate goals can shift and change, and it is important that your web site accurately present these corporate growths.

There are plenty of easy ways to make your web site seem fresh. You could add some new content or images, repurpose an existing newsletter, or present a new employee or focus on a new product. Any sort of small update can make a large impact on the revitalization of your web site!

An important bonus to updating your web site is that Search Engines like to see changes in content on sites. When a Search Engine identifies your site as one which grows regularly it will provide your site with a better ranking, and this will ultimately draw more people to your website!

Contact us today to see how we can help with your Spring Cleaning!


Is your corporate signage looking a little weathered? We all need to portray ourselves as progressive and invested in ourselves. Your corporate signage is the first thing your clients see.

Do your tradeshow materials look a little drab? Everyone is stepping up their game. When your booth is next to your competition, you need to shine!

Are you getting the full advantage out of your business cards? After you leave a meeting, your business card needs to stand out from the rest. It’s far more than just a card with your name on it.

Do you have brochures or leave-behind materials that need dusting off? When you’re not there, your collateral materials speak for you. Make sure they’re sending the right message.


Be careful when you are Spring Cleaning - you never know what you might find!

A gentleman in Lexington, Kentucky found more than he bargained for while cleaning... he came across a mortar shell in the garage!

The Fire Department determined it wasn't active and order was restored!

Further details here...


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Buzzwords - fashionable terms frequently used in business to impress instead of explain!
Boat Anchor: a slang term for when computer hardware is so outdated all it is good for is a "boat anchor".

Chrome: a new web browser (like Internet Explorer) created by Google! They say it has a minimal look in design and functions faster, safer and easier... these guys are everywhere!

SEO : stands for: Search Engine Optimization. This is the process where web sites are designed or altered to attempt to gain the best ranking in Search Engines. There are many ways to try to accommodate this - contact us today to discuss options for your site!

Webify: also referred to as webification. The process of converting content from sources such as Word, PowerPoint etc. into a Web format to be seen in internet web pages.

Top 7 Rainy Day Events:

1. Plan Your Next Holiday!
     Sunny days are here again!

2. Singing in the Rain!
     Good enough for Gene!

3. Umbrella Shopping
     Pick your bumbershoot out!

4. Napping in Warm Covers
     mmmmmmmm sleep....

5. Tour the Bass Pro Shop
     Really! Check it out...

6. Glenbow Museum
     Always interesting

7. Plan Content for Web Site!
     We can help!

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