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Your Logo and You – Vector and Pixel-Based Graphics
When should you use a Pixel Graphic?
When should you use a Vector Graphic?


All images are generally one of two different formats: Pixel- based, or Vector-based.

Pixel images are graphics that are generally meant to be viewed on screen. These images, often Bitmap (“.BMP”), Tiff (“.TIF”), or JPEG (“.JPG”) files, are usually photorealistic or drawn images. Although Pixel images are larger in file size and not meant for print, they provide superior on screen resolution. Unlike Vector images, it is important to remember that you cannot resize a Pixel image without losing image quality.

On the other hand, Illustrator (“.AI”), Corel (“.CDR”), and Windows Metafiles (WMF) are all examples of Vector image files. Vector based images are generally drawn and function with mathematical formulas behind each line. This format is best suited for printing, as they don’t always look as crisp on screen as they do when printed. One helpful feature of Vector images is that they can be imported into programs like Word and then resized without losing resolution!

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GIF [Graphics Interchange Format]
A 256 colour pixel graphic created by Compuserve in 1987 with wide spread usage in web pages.


JPG [Joint Photographic Experts Group]
A compression technique that represents millions of colours, best applied to photographic images. Dialling up the compression rate will give you a smaller file size, lowering it results in the best quality image.


BMP [Basic Multilingual Plane]
A high quality pixel based graphic, created by Microsoft, used for print or high resolution monitor display.


WMF [Windows Metafile]
A Microsoft vector graphic that contains mathematical formulas behind each line & curve and allow for great resolution printing regardless of the size.



From the illuminArt offices we have a perfect view of the downtown skyline. It has become an unorthodox way of gauging the economy by counting cranes!

Current total of "visible" cranes: 19!
The record is 21!

(The economy can't be that bad, can it?)


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Buzzwords - fashionable terms frequently used in business to impress instead of explain!
Anti-Aliasing: a method employed by drawing or display programs to make curved edges look smoother.

etailing: is derived from "electronic retailing". It is the practice of using web based technologies to help sell products and services online.

Netizen : web-slang for a citizen of the internet. A person who uses networked social resources such as Facebook, Blogs etc.

Photoshopped: a reference to photographs or images that have been altered with the aid of a drawing program.

Top 7 Famous Monkeys:

1. Curious George
     Thanks to the man in the hat!

2. King Kong
     He really was misunderstood!

3. Donkey Kong
     A real Pixel Primate!

4. Sea Monkeys
     Monkeys underwater - too cool!

5. Barrel of Monkeys
     What's more fun than a...

6. The Monkees
     ...people say we monkey around!

7. The Monkey on Your Back
     We've all got one!

    Honourable Mention:
    Space Monkey Albert

     1st Monkey in Space!
     - he gave his life for NASA!


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