Exposure is important - if you can't
be seen... there's no business happening!

Here are 5 tips to help increase your exposure:

1. Utilize email signatures containing corporate information
2. Make sure all outgoing materials have your web site listed
3. Establish a good ranking in Internet Search Engines
4. Use Social Networking sites like Facebook for promotion
5. Develop smaller "Microsites" to bolster your web presence

Contact us today for more info on these & other strategies!

  Regardless of the state of economic climate the strength of your brand is vital to your business.

In fact, the potency of your brand is most important during difficult times. Discovering, developing, and asserting your brand is the best way to gain leverage in competitive times, and the failure to do so may allow competitors to intercept potential customers and capitalize on your market.

The first step towards a powerful brand is identifying your USP. Your USP is what makes you you; it is your “Unique Selling Proposition.” It is how you do what you do best, and as such the importance of sharing that with the world cannot be understated.

The strategic partnership between you and illuminArt offers the possibility of a strong brand able to transcend economic unrest and to forever endure changing markets. Contact us for more info.

illuminArt is proud to recognize some new members to our family!

We have expanded out west with Silian - a Victoria-based company. Robertson & Associates and Children's Link are local to Calgary.

Jans Eye Care Centre asked us to help boost their ranking in the Search Engines - they were usually on page 3 and wanted to do better.

We employed a number of different methods: content review/editing, Google Ad Words, a Microsite as well as some others.

Over the course of 4 months we were able to move them from page 3 to page 1!

Contact us if you are interested in increasing your site's rankings - we would be happy to discuss options & strategies with you.

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Buzzwords - fashionable terms frequently used in business to impress instead of explain!
Breadcrumbs : a sub navigation system where a string of text lets you know where you are in a site. e.g. illuminArt > who we are > newsletters > Feb 2009 - it's a "Hansel & Gretel" kinda thing!

Eyeballs: this term refers to the amount of people viewing a web site. The more "eyeballs" the better!

Hotspot : an area where you can access Wireless Internet. Many are free, some require a password. Most commonly seen now in coffee shops where you can surf the web on your notebook or phone for free!

Zine: pronounced: "zeen", this term is a reference to an online magazine - in many cases most web sites are zines.

Top 7 Hotdogs in Calgary:

1. Street Vender
     7th Ave & 3rd St. SW - the best!!

2. The Hot Dog Corner
     Crossroads Market - Nathan's dogs!

3. Old Munich
     Crossroads Market - baguette!

4. Costco
     Best value - for $'s & taste

5. The Bay
     Downtown - a good dog + malts!

6. Ikea
     Cheapest dog in town - 50 cents!

7. Tubby Dog
     17th Ave SW - craziest options!

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